Friday, March 30, 2012

:) :) :) :)

  • 1.       Yay for the weekendJ
  • 2.       It’s end of the month so we all got paid todayJ
  • 3.       Today was also my last day of working in the Accidents and Emergencies departmentJ

So yep I have a lot to smile forJ

Working in A/E wasn’t too bad except that unfortunately it’s not really busy during the day and so we didn’t get an opportunity to perform all the procedures we were expecting to. It also meant that we had to work in the Surgery Outpatients Department (SOPD). Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked working in SOPD and got a chance to perform many small procedures in minor OT (operating theatre) but there were times when it was just sooooo busy and often I felt as though the others who were actually supposed to be working in SOPD (unlike us who were meant to be ‘helping out’ only) were taking advantage of us. You know there would be times when you look up and suddenly realise hey its only the 3 family medicine interns running SOPD:/

Most of the days I worked straight through with no break at all, and I actually don’t know who’s fault that is! You see I have this problem were I just feel too guilty to go take a half hour/1 hour break when there’s still patients to be seen. And I know that there will always be patients coming in, but....I just still feel guilty about taking a break. Unfortunately I’m the only one who loses out in the end, coz all my colleagues make sure they go for an hour lunch (some disappear for even longer!)

I have the same problem when I’m on call...only taking quick breaks for salaah and gobbling down my food before rushing back. But now I’m slowly trying to overcome these feelings of guilt, and actually take a break when I’m on callJ

Anyway enough of that!

You know as a doctor you end up being in many situations; difficult, embarrassing, depressing, totally ridiculous etc. This week I was in a situation that I don’t exactly know how to describe? Uncomfortable, sad...I don’t know!
A little boy and his mum were referred from the audiologist because he needed a referral letter to the tertiary hospital as well as some meds. So after making the appointment, writing the referral letter and the prescription, I began explaining (again) what the process would be on the appointment day. As I’m finishing my sentence the mum looks at me and says “please Dr don’t you have a job for me as a domestic worker?” I was so taken-aback....and this little boy looking at me, smiling as though he wished I would give his mum a job. I was really... I don’t know... Uncomfortable? Sad?  I really don’t know how to describe the feeling. I didn’t know how to answer her because well we already have a domestic worker and yet I felt bad to just say no. So eventually I told her “okay maybe you can write your number here on this page and I can contact you if anything comes up” knowing that I’m just saying that so I don’t hurt her feelings. The eagerness with which she grabbed the pen and quickly wrote down all her possible contact numbers, made me feel even more crap. I felt so ‘unsettled’ after that consultation. Really wish I could help out. I don’t know how I should have acted? Oh dear, oh dear! What would you have done in this situation? 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Random Pic's: The Big Hole Kimberly

The Big Hole in Kimberly South Africa is an old diamond mine. Besides the actual Big Hole an entire replica town has been built giving you the feeling of living 'back in the days' :) Enjoy!
The Entrance


The Big Hole

And Again

The Mine

Wanna make a call;)

Anyone Interested?

Replica of the town

Shoe Shop....

Random Pic's of Cheetah Experience (Bloemfontein)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lesson of the Day....

When a fellow intern asks to borrow your little torch [that your husband gave you:)]....please please don't forget to ask what it's gonna be used for....mine was pushed today against a little boy's scrotum in an attempt to diagnose a hydrocoele :/