Monday, July 9, 2012

This year is simply flying past!

Dont u think this year is passing so quickly? I cant believe we are already in the 7th month! And I've been soooooooo busy.....which explains my lack of posts:) So I started off with surgery in May and its been quite hectic! I've come to realise that I'm a 'traffic-person' i.e. my calls are always super busy! :D Its true even casualty staff look at me and say "oh no its gna b very busy tonite".

I've also learnt somethn new about myself...I simply cannot stand drunk patients! Really they just totally annoying mking stupid comments, or laughing at everything, or uncooperative or just sooo drunk that you cant even assess their GCS & dont know if they are just drunk or really do hv a serious head injury causing their depressed levels of consciousness! I guess I also feel irritated coz the injury they sustained was essentially self-inflicted. Allah has simply blessed us by forbidding alcohol.

The number of burns patients is also heart wrenching especially since the majority are babies. Its really really sad:(

Nway I'm currently in the colo-rectal firm....lots of PR's bleh:p I'm quite sick of being on call ...hv had too many recently:/ Have to hand in community service choices just b4 Ramadhan & at d moment hv no idea where I wanna go:/ coz d choices here in KZN look quite bleak:(
Nway remember me in your duas. slmz:)