Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Whats up?

Seeing that I have not been on this sadly neglected blog of mine in a while, I thought I may as well just add a few words before settling down to study. Yep I'm back to studying seeing that I am now a 'registrar' (or resident as referred to in some countries). And gosh it was sooo difficult to get back into the 'hang' of studying! (Mostly because in the 3 years post Med School I didn't do any formal studying.)
 Anyway I have lots to post about but I'm just so lazy...or tired...or sleepy...or busy...LOL:p InshaAllah hope to be more active here soon:)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Why hello there!

I finally logged back onto my blogger account and just realised it's been almost a year! So much has happened, so many things have changed and yet I just have not had the time to blog anything! Gotta admit it's partly because I'm more into Instagram and Twitter at the moment:p

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On Exercise

So I've gotta admit I actually miss the vastness of my internship hospitals....I mean at least I had my daily share of exercise. Here I seem to be leading such a sedentary lifestyle coz everything is just so close! (Even the parking). LOL:D

Anyway the idea of going for a walk everyday seemed quite promising, well to my brain at least, coz it never really materialised....its always either too hot or I'm too tired or excuse, excuse, excuse.

Well I've finally decided to try out skipping...its actually quite a good cardiovascular work-out & believe it or not, its actually not That easy:P Well lets see how long I manage to keep up!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Chapter

Alhamdulillah i've completed my 2yrs of internship and im now a community service officer:D I have moved to the Northern Cape now...its just a week so far & actually still waiting for all my stuff to arrive! Moving during the 'silly season' is NOT fun, believe me.

So nway my stuff shud finally arrive tday inshaAllah & then the unpacking wil begin...sigh...u know its only when u start packing up to move that u realise how much of stuff u have and have accumulated over the years LOL!

When u've made a decision to move, its quite a stressful experience...where u gna stay, will u like the place, the costs involved etc. But Allah is so merciful & He makes everything work out so perfectly in the end...that u are literally left with your mouth hanging open. Its like all the pieces of the puzzle simply move into place! Alhamdulillah:)

Im currently working in the Obs and Gynae department (not my favourite favourite) but Allah knows best:) Will be doing Anaesthetics from July onwards inshaAllah. (thats till December...after that Im not sure what my plans are yet)

So hows Kimberley so far? Well its really hot! The hospital seems nice, nursing staff alot friendly than what im used to, very different patient profile, HIV rates seem lower and lots of Afrikaans....my  brain has to re-open its dormant Afrikaans speech centre LOL:)
Overall it seems quite laid back here. Oh theres only a halal Mochachos so im really gna miss all the out eating im used to:p

Nway hope im able to use my time constructively...need to start studying again!

Monday, December 24, 2012


Ever read a book that's really long and has so many characters, by the time you reach the middle, you're anxiously flipping back to the begininng, to remind yourself about who the characters are and their relation to the story? Lol hate wen that happens!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Emotional Exhaustion

I have recently come to realise that a big part of why many health care professionals become so exhausted/disillusioned/burnt-out, is because of all the emotional burdens of our patients, that we have to carry. It's true...I guess patients hope that somehow, you as a health-care worker may be able to assist them with their other stressors, in addition to their medical conditions.

I seem to be faced with this quite often and it's actually very taxing. I don't know if I have a 'face that makes people wanna talk' but honestly lots of patients seem to want to share their problems/stressors with me. Believe me it can get VERY depressing. My poor mum!

The worst part for me is that often I simply cannot come up with a reasonable solution and I get this feeling that the patient wants me to help... but...there is no rapid solution...what am I to do!!! At the same time you don't want the patient to feel that you're just disregarding their problem and you don't want to come across as being glad you yourself are not in their dreary situation. Gosh it is really really difficult!

Abusive husbands, abusive children, children on drugs, mean employers, job losses, financial issues, not coping with terminal illnesses, not wanting to live any longer....the list goes on. Oh and lets not forget patients with psychiatric conditions!! Seriously they can tell you the sickest things!& all while keeping a straight face...It's really gross:(

It's difficult to describe the emotions you go through...you feel really sorry for the person but don't know what solution to offer... wait there is no solution...or is there & you just cant think of one?....the situation is quite bleak but you've gotta offer some hope....sometimes it's even difficult to find the right words of comfort
:( I don't know what to say...help!...I have to say something...without my voice breaking....I'm the Dr remember? The patient's looking to me for help/hope/comfort???  The situation looks hopeless and I feel helpless.... Sigh.
I guess it would be a tiny bit easier if the person was Muslim? Coz there's always comfort in Allah's words. Somehow when I use the word 'God' to comfort someone it always sounds so cold and...distant...oh dear!

Seriously all these stories/stressors haunt you.....and you kinda have to learn not to think too deeply about it...but you keep thinking back to what you could have said or how you should have acted.... Honestly, I don't know how to deal with such situations...or do I? There is no "Right" way anyway, coz responding to emotions cant be taught and learnt, right?

Any suggestions?