Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where am I?

Actually I'm around, just been too busy to even get on the net!

Almost done with internship - can hardly believe the two years are almost over! Awaiting news of my community service placement....alhamdulillah I haven't been second rounded so at least I know I'm going to one of my five choices lol.

Currently busy with Internal Medicine...its okay so far. Not a bit like surgery, which I was busy with before this. U know, before I started with my surgery rotation, I expected that I was gonna enjoy it alot....haha total opposite! I ended up hating it:( By the end of the rotation I was totally burnt out. It was really a combination of factors that left me feeling this way, but honestly speaking it just felt like I had no life.
Surgery here is BUSY guys!!! I mean really BUSY. Yep its full of action and really interesting and I had at one stage toyed around with the idea of specialising in Trauma, but seriously when yet the next totally drunk guy with multiple stabs, is brought in by his equally drunk friends (who miraculously escaped any injuries)....agh ja...you just roll ur eyes and for the millionth time think "Why the hell am I doing this!!!!"
The stench, the vomiting and weeing and defaecating, the swearing....It really gets to you. I cannot stand drunk patients!

I think the trauma here is on another level...I mean seriously many of the patients come in and their files show that they have a 'history' of assault/stabs etc. Most if not all the cases are alcohol related. And the worst part is many of the patients actually use their inpatient time to plan their revenge! I'm dead serious - the patients actually tell you about how they cannot wait to go teach the perpetrator a lesson....

I also ended up being one of the 'lucky' few interns to work in the burns unit...and yep it was winter here in SA i.e. Extremely busy. Hot water burns, flame burns, electric burns, u name it we had it. Also very sad and depressing:( I had nightmares of the kids screams during dressing-change.

Fasting and surgery, especially the calls, were really not a good combination...looking back I wonder how I actually managed it.... Allah was merciful.

Nway think thats enough of this totally depressing post...Surgery is over now Yay:) Hoping to have more of a 'life' during this rotation:) Till next time:)