Monday, August 29, 2011

Quick little update after quite a loooooonnnnng hiatus;)

Gosh realised I have not posted in over a month!! The reason for my disappearance? Well, there were lots of issues (that's for another long post when I'm in the mood!) and I was on holiday for the last 2 weeks :)

Anyway today was my first day back at work and first day in a new rotation. I've started with Obs & Gynae and I'm stuck in it for the next 4 months! I've previously toyed around with d idea of specialising in O&G but after today...I think not! [Sorry Moulana] Most of the MO's and Reg's are busy with exams so d department is seriously under-staffed and hence us interns have been thrown into the deep end. There was no senior cover in the place I was assigned to today, and it was SO HECTIC. I mean the last time I did O&G was in 5th yr med school!  And lets not even mention the nursing staff! So I know I've only just completed 1 day and my opinion may change, but for now I really don't relish d idea of doing like a hundred PV's a day for the rest of my life! [sorry for being crude, I just feel a bit yucked out for some reason!]

In other news, Eid is on Wednesday here (we always seem to end up keeping 30?) but I'm really glad. I almost had a heart attack during the CII Hilaal Sighting Broadcast when  Moulana Bham said "Alhamdulillah" I really thought they sighted the moon some place and I haven't even asked for Eid day off yet! Hoping to get Eid day off but then again Allah knows best :)

May Allah accept all our Ibadah and may we be able to uphold all the extra we've done throughout the year.
Remember our Beloved Rasulullah SAW said: "The person who stays awake on the nights preceding the 2 Eids occupying himself with Ibadah, his heart will not die on the day when everyone's heart will perish. (His heart will not die during the time of evil and corruption. It could also mean that with the blowing of the trumpet his soul will not become unconscious) May we all be blessed with the ability to fulfill this, Ameen.

To all celebrating Eid on tuesday: