Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Chapter

Alhamdulillah i've completed my 2yrs of internship and im now a community service officer:D I have moved to the Northern Cape now...its just a week so far & actually still waiting for all my stuff to arrive! Moving during the 'silly season' is NOT fun, believe me.

So nway my stuff shud finally arrive tday inshaAllah & then the unpacking wil begin...sigh...u know its only when u start packing up to move that u realise how much of stuff u have and have accumulated over the years LOL!

When u've made a decision to move, its quite a stressful experience...where u gna stay, will u like the place, the costs involved etc. But Allah is so merciful & He makes everything work out so perfectly in the end...that u are literally left with your mouth hanging open. Its like all the pieces of the puzzle simply move into place! Alhamdulillah:)

Im currently working in the Obs and Gynae department (not my favourite favourite) but Allah knows best:) Will be doing Anaesthetics from July onwards inshaAllah. (thats till December...after that Im not sure what my plans are yet)

So hows Kimberley so far? Well its really hot! The hospital seems nice, nursing staff alot friendly than what im used to, very different patient profile, HIV rates seem lower and lots of  brain has to re-open its dormant Afrikaans speech centre LOL:)
Overall it seems quite laid back here. Oh theres only a halal Mochachos so im really gna miss all the out eating im used to:p

Nway hope im able to use my time constructively...need to start studying again!